Frequently asked questions

How do I search for an used machine?

There are several ways to find the used machines you are looking for in MachEx. First, you can access to BUY and search according to the category and subcategories of the machines. You can also use the MachEx search bar available on every MachEx page with a keyword (model, manufacturing, type of machine, etc.) to find the suitable machine.

What are my benefits as a buyer on MachEx?

As a buyer, you will find hundreds of Used Machinery in different categories and they are free of charge to browse on MachEx. MachEx also offers logistic service, MachEx+ testing and MachEx Rating to make you have good experience to have a used machine.

The machine saved in my container has been sold, what can I do?

As My Container is only a machine save list for your convenience, not order placement, so that there might be another buyer bought the same machine ahead of you.

Will MachEx help in assisting logistic arrangement as I do not have any logistic experiences?

Yes. MachEx offers the term CIF and DDU with additional charge. We will provide the suitable transportation and economical quotation based on your demands.(More details in Logistic Service.)

What is the standard package in FOB term?

According to FOB term, the packaging method will be different based on the dimension of machine and the shipping vessel. For example, container, flat rack, or Break Bulk Cargo, etc.

Will MachEx support if I request for another package for shipment?

Yes. MachEx will offer the quotation according to your requirement for shipment.

How to buy used machine?

Please refer to two different scenarios below:
1.) Buy one machine:
First, you can click "Buy directly" on the machine page, and the order will be completed after confirming all the shipping details.
2.) Buy more than one machines:
Add multiple machines to "My Container" and enter to the page "My container" to place the order, and the order will be completed after confirming all the shipping details.

While order is placed, team MachEx will contact you to confirm all the order details and provide the bank details for down payment. After down payment received, we will keep the machine to you.

How do I edit my contact details?

If your contact details have changed, you can edit them from your account by logging in and clicking "Edit". Once you have made the changes, click save and your profile will be updated.

What is "my container"?

"My Container" is the function like "my favorite" and provides direct access to your saved machine list. You can modify all of details by clicking on container icon to save your favorite machine or deleting by clicking on the cross icon. However, please note it does not mean you have placed an order for this machine; other, buyers are able to buy this machine even it is in "My container".

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact MachEx at +886-2-26971398 or by E-mail to contact.

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