1.MachEx Rating

「The Quality」of the used machine is one of the most important factors for buyers in the market. Currently, no system is available to assist the machine sellers and buyers to make judgement on the quality of used machines.

That is what MachEx wishes to solve, so that we made a series of check list for used machine with our cooperative technician to offer a complete and convenient platform. According to the quality rating of the used machines based on the fact as Machine Built Year, Manufacture Year of Motor, Key Quality Factor(KQF), Reconditioning Status and Accessories Statues, we identify five levels of MachEx Ratings to protect customer and owner, which are 「Diamond Treasure」, 「Platinum Premium」, 「Golden Good」, 「Sliver Savings」 and 「Bronze Budget」

diamond levelplatinum levelgold levelsilver levelbronze level

For example, RMS Vibration Value is one of the key Quality Factor(KQF).

RMS Value is considered one of the most important quality assessment for used machine in the area of Fastener and forging. The level of the RMS Vibration Value is according to the vertical, portrait and horizontal on the machine surface to measure the maximum value of the vibration speed.

Basically, the smaller RMS value on a machine, the better built condition the machine has.

Before releasing on MachEx, RMS Vibration Value will be measured for each used machine by our technician and the record will be correspond with ISO-2372 in order for the customer to understand the condition of used machine.

Please note KQF is different for different type of machines, like CNC based Machining Center, will have a different kind of KQF.


2.Logistic Solution

Not sure on how to get the machines to your side after order confirmed?

According to Incoterm 2010, MachEx offers the following shipment service with additional charge.

logistic solution

FOB / Free on Board (named port of shipment)

It is MachEx default international shipping term. We deliver the machine to the port of loading and customer should take the responsibility for import custom and inland shipment.

CIF / Cost, Insurance and Freight (named port of destination)

MachEx delivers the machine to your port of destination.

DDU / Delivered Duty Unpaid

MachEx delivers the machine to your front door. You will only have to pay your import tax or duty of the machine at your country.

3.MachEx Testing+

Except the quality of used machine, another important aspect for the buyers is if the machine they wish to buy can perform their desired production.

Thus, MachEx offers MachEx Testing + . MachEx will arrange trial production testing to produce the customer's part. After the trialed production testing, MachEx will provide the report to make customer know about the condition of used machine.

Q: What kind of information will MachEx offer?


Design, engineering, manufacture of a new set of tooling. The video of trialed production testing, and the measurement of the part. (Samples can be sent to the customer for verification if required.)

Q: Is MachEx Testing+ available for each machine?


No, currently only 1D2B Heading Machine and Thread Rolling Machine has MachEx Testing+ Service.

Q: Could the machine be put on MachEx if seller is not able to provide the testing?


As it is an additional service, the seller can select YES/NO on whether the machine can offer a trial production service.

Q: What kind of information should customer provided while the MachEx testing+ is needed?


The sample and drawing of the finished part. If customer doesn't have the drawing, it is okay to send the sample directly to MachEx and we will assist the customer with our best effects.

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